Let Larry Help You Company Turn Inspiration into Motivation and Turn Motivation into Sustained, Goal-Focused Action

The business world is flooded with motivational speakers and authors. However, none leaves their audience with a greater lasting impact than Larry Centers. Larry “walks the talk” in such a powerful way that his presentation attendees feel compelled to learn his success formula to conquer their own challenges, and attain their own life goals.

Some of the Life Experiences Larry Shares:

Humble Beginnings:
How keeping things simple allows you to navigate through the fog.

Big Fish in a Small Pond:
How knowing you’re a winner ensures you’ll be noticed even in the most obscure locations.

Self-Motivated, Not Circumstance-Motivated:
How staying committed to delivering your personal best will allow your individual accomplishments to shine, even if the team/group fails to accomplish its goals.

Life-Long Commitment to Learning and Growth:
How having a sincere thirst for knowledge will fuel your mind to achieve greater and greater goals as your life progresses.

Using Gifts for “The Forces of Good”:
How paying it forward, taking the high road, and treating others with the highest levels of respect and compassion always pays off in the end.

About Larry:

Larry Centers is the most prolific past-catching running back in NFL history, and holds the NFL record for most receptions by a running back. In fact, his 827 career catches exceed eight out of the 15 wide receivers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This accomplishment is made even more impressive by the fact that Larry was a fullback, and spent much of his 14-season career (1990-2004) blocking for other team members. In the last game of his career, Larry won a Super Bowl ring.

Since his retirement, Larry has enjoyed a successful career in residential real estate. He also recently co-founded A-Game Sports Marketing, along with his business partner, Rita Mort. A-Game helps fellow NFL alumni and other current and ex-professional athletes identify their personal brand, and maximize their potential.

A-Game’s signature Super Bowl Week event, Laughs with Legends, will debut at Super Bowl LI in Houston in 2017. The event honoree is Warren Moon, and on-stage participants include Larry, Pro Football Hall of Famers Andre Reed and John Randle, and NFL Record-Holder Bubby Brister. Larry is also Co-Founder of Game Changers Worldwide, a nonprofit organization that tackles major societal problems through the concepts of teamwork learned in football.

To bring Larry to your company, contact:
Rita Mort, A-Game Sports Marketing – 214-604-9058